Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cardamom Knots!

I made cardamom bread today, but instead of making two mini braided loaves I made one mini braided loaf (with half the dough) and 3 bread-knots with the other half. It was a brilliant idea! And now I want garlic knots...

To make knots, roll a long snake of dough (at least 8 inches long), and loosely knot it. If you make it too tight the dough with stretch and split as it rises, so leave lots of space in there. No need to seal the ends-- there's no way those puppies are gonna un-knot themselves. Another fun idea is to make a pretzel roll, which involves an even longer and skinnier snake and making a loose pretzel shape (like this), in which case you'll need to stick the ends down with a bit of water or egg-wash.

I also sprinkled the knots with sugar and a little extra cardamom, which I don't usually do, but was a good idea b/c I hadn't measured the cardamom I put in the dough and it wasn't quite enough. The best thing about making cardamom knots is pulling them apart and eating them right out of the oven, which I've always kept myself from doing with the entire loaf... :-)

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